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Film Music

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From This World To That Which Is To Come

From This World To That Which Is To Come is a feature length artist film co-directed and produced by Fritz Stolberg and Nissa Nishikawa. It was commissioned by the Jersey Arts Trust as a result of a community orientated artist residency on the island of Jersey. The film was shot on Super-16mm involving members of the island community in front and behind the camera alongside a small group of international friends. The research for the film is rooted in the folklore of the island while highlighting the voice of Nature and human's position within. With Akihide Monna Josephine Foster Michele Occelli Mahab Kazmi Alice de la Haye William Howell Jackson Fox and Vixen Grupo de Folclore Madeirense Jersey Special Gymnastics Team Jersey Trial Bike Team Director of Photography: Raquel Fernandez Nuñez 1st AC: Andy Evans Sound Recording and Design: Jamie Hamilton Original Score: Kohhei Matsuda (with Bo Ningen) Music Recording: Kristian Craig Robinson Editing: Fritz Stolberg, Herbert Hunger, Michael Ho Animation: Nicholas Brooks Colour Grade: Gareth Bishop at Dirty Looks Costume: Myrto Sarma Production Manager: Kate Parker Pre-Prod. Manager: Carla MacKinnon Unit Prod. Manager: Alice Bravery Prod. Assistant: Meredith Richards Exec. Prod: Thomas Dingle, Xanthe Hamilton

Holy Disaster

Pulp Pictures Presents ”Holy Disaster" CAST Shuntaro Yanagi Yusuke Oshiba Mademoiselle Yulia Akira Kameyama Tenko Iruka Ayumi Uehara CREW Written & Directed by Yusuke Ishida Producer : Toshihiro Hanyu / Tatsuya Shimada Executive Producer : Takahiro Komatsu Cinematography : Tetsuro Hirano Lighting : Takashi Watanabe Set Design : Chihiro Matsumoto Costume Design : Tatsuya Shimada Hair and Make-Up : Tori. Music : Kohhei Matsuda / Albino Sound Photography : Yusuke Yamatani Sound Engineer : Takuma Kase Colorist : Toru Miura(Balance) Graphic Design : Ryota Arai Subtitle : Maiko Nishikawa Supported by rockstar hotel & watowa inc.


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